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8 Simple Reasons Why Men Avoid Ideal Women

Women that are considered ideal are often single, this has to do with several reasons but mostly the fact that most men tend to avoid having anything to do with a confident woman.

Society might have gone from thinking of women as lesser than men to see them as a driving force for the development of every aspect of human life, but men still have complexes when it comes to relationships.

In this article, we brushed some of the reasons men behave differently toward confident women. Although the list is by no means comprehensive, it does touch on the 8 simple reasons why men avoid ideal women.

1. Self-sufficient

Society evolved in so many ways when it came to defining what genders can do and what they can’t. Women today are not the damsels in distress that needed to be saved by men, they’re confident and strong, have their own opinions, and are not afraid of voicing them.

Men, still trying to hang on to the “be a man” concept avoid dealing with an ideal woman as much as they can, they prefer women that are not as self-sufficient and less opinionated.

These women are quite picky when it comes to relationships and men, afraid of being seen as unworthy, prefer to not show interest at all because they know, if the woman thinks he’s not right for her, she’ll have no problem stating it loud and clear.

2. Not time wasters

To a confident woman, time is of the essence, they don’t appreciate wasting time and don’t care much about people trying to make them lose precious time.

They’re usually pretty quick in making a decision, a skill that sets alarm bells in men’s heads since men tend to take their time.

A sophisticated smart woman will never get into a relationship without seeing potential, seeing where things will go is the major element in the decision-making equation, not seeing it in a man means there is no chance of a relationship, and why waste precious time on a lost cause?

3. Have made up complexes

Even the most sophisticated, smart confident woman on the planet has some complexes, often it’s a made-up complex that only they can see. Men are simple in their reasoning, and when women start complexing over something invisible it gets irritating and makes them lose interest altogether.

4. Maybe they’re not into commitment

As time progresses, more and more women are career-oriented and prefer working on themselves instead of taking part in a relationship, they see it as a liability, having to think for a couple instead of just one person.

Also, being in a couple means sooner or later the partners will have to make some sacrifices and concessions in order to make it work for the couple, this is hard for career-oriented women because they work hard to get what they want and they don’t feel the need to let it all go to be part of a relationship.

5. Focused on being alone

Being alone is not a bad thing for ideal women, they see it as a way of life, a need to be focused on themselves and their own personal growth and achievements.

Men avoid these women at all cost because they don’t see where they can fit into the life of a woman that’s entirely focused on herself, they feel that they’re not needed and expendable anytime the woman no longer needs them in the picture, this only fuels their fear of rejection.

6. Their beauty attracts the wrong crowd

When a woman is confident and sophisticated, she radiates an air of beauty and elegance. While every male in a room she walks into will notice her, often only jerks will make an attempt to engage her in a conversation.

Other men will be intimidated by her beauty and will feel they don’t stand a chance with her, she will look inaccessible and off-limits especially if other males are trying to get her attention and are failing to pick her interest.

7. Too perfect for their own good

Having everything the way they picture it is a belief ideal women have in common, they can notice the smallest details and make a big deal if they deem them unperfect.

This can be for even the tiniest everyday shore like washing a dish, sometimes diner plates can be left unwashed or a dirty shirt is put back in the dresser instead of the laundry basket, while this is common for all people, ideal woman see it as a grave error, they love it when everything is neat and teddy nothing out of place.

Men, of all ages, are known to be careless with their stuff, so when a woman over dramatizes a little thing they get irritated, as time goes on, they lose interest and prefer getting out of a situation where they don’t feel comfortable or happy.

8. Intimidating

The worst thing a woman can do to push a man away is to be intimidating. Whether it’s by showing intelligence or striking beauty, men don’t like it when they feel outdone by their partner, they prefer to be equal.

When a woman shows great mental capabilities, not all men can feel happy for her, she will look out of reach like she belongs on another planet.

This article is based on views of both men and women, although most agree with the reasoning, there are some exceptions.

In this modern-day, men are more accepting of their partners to be working at a better position and earning more. Some even take on the task of raising the kids while the woman maintains her job earning a living for the family. It’s a matter of opinions and personal beliefs.



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