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10 Psychology Tricks to Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get whatever they want with little to no effort at all? Most likely these people have perfected the art of achieving their goals through learning the basic technics and tricks that can draw other people’s attention.

There are several foolproof psychological ways to get what you desire in no time, whether you’re shy or you’re the type to get uncomfortable in certain social situations, these tricks will work wonders for you.

1. Adopting a confident posture

Yes, confidence is everything, not only does it make a great first impression, it can open up doors that you never knew existed, the reason being that people simply like confident people, they feel they can profoundly relate to them, and that they can trust them and depend on them.

If you project a self-confident image to the world, then the world will come to you, this is a simple rule that successful people abide by at all times.

2. Matching body language

Try to adopt the same body language as the person in front of you, if the person is reserved and keeps a good distance then don’t get to close to them, try to limit your arms moving around.

This will be effective in putting the person in front of you at ease and convince them that you have respect for them since you’re respecting their personal space.

If you get too close to someone, they will feel confined and their space violated, this will get you a fight or flight mood which you do not want to instigate in people!

3. Remember the names and use them:

Remembering names is an art, most people forget them as soon as they’re introduced. You have to use someone’s name as soon as you hear it, this will reinforce the first impression you already made and will make them feel important, it also gives you an instant rapport since names are considered intimate, using them will make you immediate friends.

If a person is not formally introduced to you, then skip calling their name even though you heard it or learned it somewhere, you need to be introduced and names exchanged to have the best effect and make a great first impression that will last for a long time.

4. Project a comfortable stance

Even if some social situations make you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease, never show it. You have to look comfortable and cool in whatever circumstances you face.

Make your brain believe that you’re relaxed, don’t let it control your actions in front of a party of people, this will make you an outcast from the beginning not even giving you a chance to see if you fit in in the group.

If people believe that you fit in perfectly then they will like you more which means the conversation will flow and they can learn to trust you and see you as a reliable person.

5. Let people finish their ideas

Communication is an art, it takes great effort to master it. When you ask someone a question and they don’t give you the answer you need to hear, don’t rush into speaking up, stay silent for a little while, this will signal them that you’re waiting for a response, which in turn will make them develop what they said and go into more details.

6. Ask for a small favor as soon as you can

It might seem counterproductive but experts say that this tricks people into believing they already know and like you since they’ve done you a favor.

You can ask someone to pass you a napkin, to tell you what time it is, or even ask their opinion on something, they will feel closer to you which makes you more likable and worthy of their time.

7. Eye contact is very important

Maintaining eye contact with people shows them you’re confident and that you’re not afraid of what they might have to say, this is especially important when it comes to waiting for answers to your questions, if you keep looking at people they feel compelled to give you answers because you’re showing them that you’re interested in what they have to say and that you will wait for whatever answers they have for you.

8. Listen and paraphrase

This is another aspect of good communication skills, when someone finishes what they were talking about, take some time to rephrase what they said, this tells them that you were paying close attention to what they had to say and not just nodding your head mechanically.

When people believe you’re interested in them they will instantly like you and become at ease with you.

9. Sitting arrangements

When your focus is to get the attention of a specific person, try to sit as close to them as possible, this doesn’t mean you have to get into their personal space, but it means to be close to them so you can hear each other and have a proper one on one conversation.

Having a small chat session goes a long way with building contacts.

10. Let your hands talk

When talking, make your hands do some part of the job, use them to make your ideas come across easier.

It’s been long proven that people believe that when someone speaks clearly with expressive hand gestures it means they’re smarter than the average person, this will go a long way into getting you what you want from them.

Communication is what makes people understand each other, when you master the art, you become better at achieving your goals since you know how to convince people easily and get what you want from them with the minimum of effort.



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