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10 Psychological Tricks to Get People Around You to Like You

As a species, we humans love to connect with other human beings, forming bonds that ultimately lead to creating communities and societies where we evolve as a group of individuals.

If we look closely at how our brains work, we will find out that connections are everything, and without them, nothing would exist.

Within a community or a group, some individuals outshine the rest, they become the center of admiration and respect by their fellow human beings.

If you’re looking to be one of these people then continue reading this article, we will list 10 of the best tricks to get people to like you in a very short time.

1. Establishing a rapport

Making sure you establish a rapport is very important, it is the common ground on which everything will be built.

Start every relationship by making sure you have a rapport where both of you can share things like a sense of humor for example, and the other party responds with similar things, this is what will give traction to the relationship making you like and respect each other.

2. Communication is an art

We can never emphasize enough how communication is important, it is the basis of all relationships, without it, there would be no society and no civilization, when talking to another person, you should make sure that you’re ideas are getting across as you want them to and that the messages you conveyed are understood by the other party.

To be effective at communication keep your mind focused on the goal you want to reach and on constantly changing the means if you think you’re not getting the response you were aiming for.

3. Attitude is everything

It’s often said that the body reflects what goes through the mind, when you think about it if someone is happy you can usually spot it on his body before he tells you in words.

When you can set an attitude, you relinquish control over the signals your body sends out, once you master that aspect, you become better at controlling your image and how others perceive you. Once you start exuding happiness and positivity people will naturally gravitate towards you without you trying.

People love to have positive people around them as they believe this will positively impact them.

4. First impressions

Making a rapport starts with meeting a person, after that comes the greeting which is the first element in making a first impression.

Make sure your body language is positive, that your body is facing the other person and that it’s open towards them, after that make sure to smile and keep eye contact at all times.

5. Actions do speak louder than words

When it comes to connecting with people and trying to get them to like you, how you hold your body is important, this includes posture, expressions, and gestures. This is something that people will judge you for before hearing what you have to say.

When talking about body language we can distinguish two categories, open and closed. Openness is what helps people feel connected to you whereas closed body language makes people feel you’re shutting them off completely and you have no interest in them.

6. People like people like themselves

Have you ever looked at someone and felt an instant connection to him before knowing him? 

The reason is simple, we like people that are like us, we feel at ease and familiar around them, they share the same opinions we do, maybe the same hobbies and other things.

7. It’s not all talk, it’s listening too

A conversation is very significant when building a rapport with someone, you need to be careful when you’re engaged in one that you do not turn the whole chat into a recount of your qualities and achievements, if this happens, the other party will lose interest in you and probably label you as a smug or arrogant person.

It is best to get the other person talking and finding out what they think about certain things, this will enable you to find shared hobbies and interests that you can build your rapport on.

Go for open questions that will keep the conversation flowing rather than closed ones that only require a simple yes or no.

8. Be confident and charismatic

Don’t depend on others in your decision-making, assume responsibility for all your actions, and defend your principles, people like someone they can perceive as reliable and trustworthy.

People can feel and see your confidence and they’ll want to be part of your circle because they want to be as confident and charismatic as you.

9. Use the mirror effect to your advantage

Tricking people into thinking you’re like them is a sure way to get them to like you because they will believe you’re in sync with them. When you mirror their expression, body language, and even the tone of their voice, you create a rapport with them based on how alike you are.

10. Stop complaining

When someone is constantly seen complaining about life and how unfair it’s been treating them, they’re doomed to fall from the eyes of everyone including those that were closest to them.

Nobody wants to have an acquaintance that sees all the wrongs and never the bright side of things, people love someone that reacts to seeing a wrong and makes it right again without whining all day about it.

If you encounter a problem, look for the bright side, enjoy the challenge of finding a solution, and feel proud of your achievements when you do.

Communication is divided into verbal which makes up for 30% of our interactions and nonverbal which represents the remaining 70%.

When you’re trying to get people to like you, you need to pay attention to what your body is saying as well as the words leaving your mouth, they can be contradictory and out of sync.

Also, keep in mind that communication is about listening as much as it’s about talking, if you give the other person a chance to speak, you will be already halfway to building a rapport with him which is the first step into making everybody around you like you.



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