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10 Precious cleaning tips to make you forget about dirt

our home is our private paradise because it is the most important place where we spend most of our time, it is necessary to keep it always clean. 

Cleaning is one of the most important processes in our daily routine. Regular house cleaning is essential to good health (physical and mental).

A cleaned house means good hygiene which can protect us from so many bacteria, viruses, and diseases.

Although, it is never easy because it takes a lot of our time and effort. Sometimes we are outdoors most of the day, other times we are tired or just too lazy to clean.

So we gathered the most useful and effective cleaning tips to get rid of dust and dirt and to help to make your life easier, your house tidier and well-kept, your mood cheerier and your mind relaxer.

1. Have a bedroom cleaning routine :

Starting with bedrooms can ease your tasks and make them quicker. Because it is the most important room of all, it is where we sleep and wake up.

Starting by changing sheets on the bed and vacuuming mattress. then starting to clear the dust bedside tables, surfaces and under the bed and finally clean floors with a detergent.

However, as tiring as the chores of cleaning bedroom can be, Following these precious cleaning tips to get rid of all dirt and dust, and to keep things tidy is extremely important to maintain both physical and mental health.

2. Choose your essential cleaning supplies :

choosing your cleaning supplies before starting your cleaning routine can ease your chores. Having them all in one closet to reach them faster. 

Basic and efficient cleaning supplies are: all-purpose cleaner ( perfect for most surfaces, that require gentle cleaning), mild abrasive cleaner ( for grime and stains that won’t budge ), glass cleaner ( use on windows and mirrors to guarantee a flawless shine ), rubber gloves ( to protect your hands from the chemicals and the drying effects of water and soaps ), sponge ( use with your multi-purpose cleanser to lend power to your cleaning ) and scrub brush ( great for taking off greasy and though to clean messes ).

3. Let the cleaning products do your kitchen :

Spray the cleaning products and let them sit a while in order to get the mess easier and faster to wipe clean after.

Start to wipe down outside the fridge then toss expired food. After cleaning the sink out and load the dishwasher. Clear countertops and wipe them. Clean microwave and stove and finally clear kitchen table and wipe it down.

4. Get rid of germs in your bathroom :

No one likes to use unhygienic bathrooms, nor does anyone like to clean them. These are the best tips to never let your bathroom reach that gross level of dirt; start by scrubbing the toilets and the bathtub.

Then sweep the floors and clean behind the toilet. Shine mirrors, clean out under sinks. Finally, restock supplies and put out clean towels.

This way you don’t have to worry anymore about bacteria, germs nor viruses.

5. Living room deep cleaning :

we always need to have a cleaned living room in case of surprise guests. Always sweep under living room furniture then vacuum carpets and under couch cushions.

After, clear tables and wipe them. Getting rid of dust is always a priority, dust photos, art and vases, and finally clean floors 

6. Loading and unloading the machines :

Get starting by loading all the machines in the house, so when you finish cleaning you can be done with everything. Take off all the dirty clothes then load and start the washing machine. After, load and start the dishwasher.

7. decluttering and organizing your home :

The trick for a perfect and organized house is decluttering, by keeping surfaces as clear of stuff as you. Get rid of anything you don’t use in the bedroom. Store fewer and better products in the bathroom.

Streamline your storage in the kitchen then, Use uniform hangers in closets. Have a landing station in the entrance and finally have less decoration in the living room.

An organized living room makes everyone feel comfortable and happy, but importantly, it eliminates all kinds of stress caused by chaos.

8. Wiping to have brighter windows :

Cleaning windows tracks take a lot of time and effort. This is a way to get your task easier and faster to take away all the dust and rust.

Sprinkle baking soda on the hard to reach areas. Then add a little amount of vinegar, leave the mix for 10 t0 15 minutes and finally wipe the window with paper towels.

9. Cleaning ceilings and walls :

Ceiling: Start with the top with a mop to wipe away all dust and dirt. Then use the vacuum to remove the grit from ceiling fans, light fixtures, and air conditioning vents and finally wipe the surfaces clean with a damp cloth.

Walls: Full a bucket of water and add dishwater detergent then use a clean rag to wipe the walls down. For hard to reach places, it is better to use a mop. Finally to maintain a fresh cleaning solution wring your rag in a second bucket.

10. Healing houseplants :

Plants provide clean hair, lower your risk of illness and boost your positive energy and mood.

But still, they can take dust and dirt and for that, they need to be cleaned too.

You will need:  – a spray bottle of a cleaning product – a soft, clean cloth or paper towel

Spray gently the product on the leaves, gently wipe clean with your cloth or paper towel, clean leaves off the dust, keep the surface of the soil clean, trim off diseased and damaged leaves, trim and shape hanging plants, deadheading is important to keep your flowering plants tidy and finally groom your plants to make them healthy and pest free.



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