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10 of the Best Destinations to Visit After Covid-19 Lockdown

Let’s face it, we are all depressed, waiting for the end of the coronavirus pandemic that invaded the whole world. The lockdown circumstances and the continuous fear of being infected can drive everyone crazy.

We are all dreaming about the things that we will do after all of this is finished, and the places that we should visit to forget about all this stress and embrace life all over again.

However, even after going back to your normal routine, you need to be careful about several things and specifically avoid crowded places.

Many travelers prefer to go to the most attractive tourist destinations to see some hot spot areas. Yet, other new destinations are stunning and at the same time not overcrowded with tourists.

Recently, destinations like Venice, Dubrovnik, and Cannes have received extremely high numbers of tourists whereas there are other tourist attractions that remain under-the-radar and considered as emerging areas for people who look for charming places without over-tourism. 

Continue reading to know the best under-the-radar travel destination that you need to visit after COVID-19 without worrying about your health safety. 

1. Moldova

Moldova generally receives less than 160,000 overnight visitors per year. It is considered as Europe’s least visited country due to many reasons.

Even if it is the poorest country in Europe, it has many majestic monasteries and historical sites. The Orheiul Vechi is a falling open-air monastic building that dates back 2.000 years and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Moldova is also among the biggest wine cellars in the world with approximately three million bottles. 

2. Dakhla, Morocco

Dakhla is an isolated small city on the edge of the Moroccan Sahara. The city receives 100,000 visitors per year which is a small number compared to other cities of Morocco.

Kite surfing is the number one activity that most of Dakhla’s visitors want to practice. Many resorts and hotels offer the activity in addition to other outfitters that present transportation and equipment to kite surfing spots. But don’t worry if you are a beginner or a professional there are good things for everybody. 

The golden dunes is another charming feature in Dakhla that you need to see, it is a combination of huge dunes in the middle of a lagoon.

The view is just amazing, especially at sunset. Don’t forget to drink the Sahrawi mint tea, this unique tea is made in a very special way and tastes different but delicious. 

3. The Gambia

If you want to experience a unique trip with so many surprises, Gambia is the best destination. With an estimated number of 552,000 overnight visitors which is low compared to other African countries, it is the ideal place for travelers who prefer quiet and empty places.

The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa that unites desert, coast, and wetlands. It’s where you can enjoy not only the sun and surfing but also the beauty of African wildlife.

Its namesake river is embracing more than 700 bird species, crocodiles, hippos, and more than 10 different monkey species.

4. Comporta, Portugal

It’s one of the most explored places in Europe with an estimated number of 500,000 overnight visitors. Comporta is the perfect getaway that comprises many charming beaches surrounded by small towns along the Troia Peninsula.

This destination offers a relaxing atmosphere with breathtaking views away from pollution and the busy life of the city. 

5. The Haida Gwaii Islands, British Columbia

An archipelago covers 150 islands in British Columbia. The Haida Gwaii is a small village that holds 4,500 natives who live in eight neighborhoods spread up the island.

With its attractive ocean and forest, you will feel relaxed to spend your holiday on the edge of the world. Dramatic landscapes with abundant wildlife are the keywords that define a vocation there.

The island also holds some of the richest heritage treasures in the world with more than 600 archeological sites. It is also the home of several rare animal species including many eagle species that you can see flying above during spring and summer.

6. Northeast Cambodia

With an estimated number of 6,201,000 overnight visitors, Northeast Cambodia is a good alternative to tourists who avoid crowded places, and it is considered as the untouched area of the country.

You can find some of the rarest kinds of forest elephants and take a last look at jeopardized freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins.

Thundering waterfalls, meandering rivers, and crater lakes also characterize the landscape with natural charm. You will also have an opportunity to see many ethnic minority groups who inhabit the lush forests and the hills.

7. Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sulawesi is among the main islands in Indonesia that holds an important tourist market, making it the best holiday destination in the country with an estimated number of 15,810,000 overnight visitors.

Tourists who visit Indonesia generally leave Sulawesi off the list to see other places like Bali or Lombok, but when you go there, you will be rewarded with breathtaking destinations and some amazing scenery.

Sulawesi is classified into North, Central and South Sulawesi, which can take you a bit longer to explore each region and taste the unique flavor of each area. It is a good opportunity to explore wildlife and tropical life at the same time.

8. Tajikistan

With an estimated number of 1,035,000 overnight visitors, Tajikistan is the next fastest-growing destination this year in addition to Uzbekistan.

It’s an ideal place where you can enjoy a picnic in the Yashikul Lake near the charming Pamir Mountains, also you can soak up the sun in hills where you can meet locals and see their unique customs. 

9. Northern Sudan

It is obvious that if you want to see the famous Pyramids you need to visit Egypt. But what many people do not know is that Sudan hosts more than 200 pyramids that were built by Nubian Kings.

With more than 836,000 overnight visitors, Northern Sudan remains a less crowded tourist destination where you can enjoy magical monuments and unique customs of its natives.



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